McConnell Caves To Dems

As if there was any doubt this would happen. He caved and let the Dems kick the can further down the road in exchange for… absolutely nothing. The Dems don’t even have enough votes themselves to push their monstrous spending bill, it was dead-on-arrival. McConnell is now giving them time to keep pressuring those Dems […]

Something Is Happening – FBI Raids NYPD HQ

Democrat Criminals Caught!

Kyle Rittenhouse: Judge Throws Out Parts Of Government’s Case

Politics Satire

Fox News Calls AZ Audit Early, Giving Democrats The Win With The Audit Only 10% Done

Ok ok, the headline is fake. Fox hasn’t commented on the Arizona election audit. In fact, most mainstream medias have not been covering the audit much until recently when the last Judge recused himself and a new Judge was appointed. Trump on the other hand as well as many conservative networks have been buzzing for […]

C-SPAN: How To Prevent Mass Shootings?

It’s Happening Now: Revelation 13 Verse 17

Senator Rand Paul Tweet Makes Fun Of Lord Fauci