Biden Surrenders To Taliban

For the first time in history, For the first time in US History, the US Military has issued an order to the Commander and Chief, which is Joe Biden. The Military leaders have “advised” Joe Biden that he has “until Tuesday” to decide on extending the deadline for US withdrawal. If he agrees, they will […]


300 Days Jail For Burning A Flag

Proud Boys leader, Henry Tarrio, who is known by followers as “Enrique”, has been sentenced to 300 days in jail for burning a Black Lives Matter flag. Meanwhile Antifa is burning American flags with impunity. But the story goes deeper than just burning a flag. The real crime they decided to stick to Tarrio was […]


Who Is Really Running The Country?

As polling continues, it is becoming more and more evident to even hardcore Democrats that Biden is not in control. He can barely hold himself together. So who is running the country behind the scenes? The answer seems to likely be the same person who: Told BLM to stop protesting after Biden got elected even […]