Biden Is Losing It, Media Knows It And Sheltering Him. Kamala To Step-Up

President Biden declined to answer any questions from news reporters in the Oval Office yesterday while holding a meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  The pair had a brief conversation which discussed climate change, transport infrastructure as well as lifting the ban on British beef. At the end of their conversation Johnson asked, “Would […]


Dems Turning On Biden

The Biden Administration has again come under fire, this time from a group of Haitian migrants who the administration plans to deport from Texas. Around 3,300 people are reported to have been expelled from Del Rio City, a border town in Texas, by authorities over the weekend with hundreds of them arriving back in Port-au-Prince, […]


Kyle Rittenhouse: Judge Throws Out Parts Of Government’s Case

Kyle Rittenhouse is being criminally tried in the shootings at Kenosha where Rittenhouse is captured on video shooting at and killing various attackers that were chasing and threatening violence on Rittenhouse. The case still hasn’t been heard, but yesterday a held an evidentiary hearing with the judge. The Government who is trying to prosecute Rittenhouse […]


Tax The RICH! But Not Politicians

Rank Hypocrisy at the Met Gala Monday night saw the annual Met Gala take place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. With many A-list celebrities in attendance, the night wasn’t complete without a bit of embarrassing and virtue-signaling liberal activism. Taking the biscuit by far was Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the self-proclaimed […]