60 Percent Error In Ballot Counting Reported in Windham Audit

Windham, a small town of 14,000 has taken the central spot in American politics as the 2020 elections audit continues in the area.

The audit started on May 11, 2012, is ought to conclude in forty days. As the process progresses, there are intense realities surfacing.

According to the news about the second recount from yesterday, the error rate in counting the ballots is more than 60 percent, which according to the auditors is way more than expected.

Indeed, the situation so far is in the Republican’s court.  The recount reveals that the Republican’s votes were undercounted, compared to the Democrats’ hit by the “fortune” of over-counting.

There are various possibilities into consideration to explain these discrepancies. Might be the tabulating machines were not at their best since they have been in use since the mid-1990s, and were last updated more than a decade ago.

A lot of things are possible. But what matters really is that the situation has tainted the whole elections, providing the Republicans a solid hold to favor their claims of “Election Fraud.”

As Corey Lewandowski, a Trump campaign manager and Windham resident said,

“This isn’t just about the town of Windham,” he said. “We’re seeing things take place across this entire country.”

Trump also could not restrain himself from taking on the situation. Earlier this month, he congratulated the “great Patriots of Windham” for seeking the truth “on the massive Election Fraud.”

The audit started, after the initial recount of the ballots in the area on the appeal of the Democrat’s candidate, Kristi St. Laurent, who lost the legislative race to the Republican candidate by a narrow gap of 24 hours.  However, the first recount unleashed a whole complicated matter that needed to be accessed to preserve the elections’ integrity.

How will this conclude? We will continuously keep you updated on this. Meanwhile, let’s know your thoughts on this situation.

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1 year ago

The news media admitted they claimed the Wuhan lab origin of vovid was a conspiracy theory becuase trump said the Wuhan lab was the origin.

Trump said there was massive voter fraud so the media immediately decided that the voter fraud facts were a lie.

Well here we are. The voter fraud is turning out to be true. Trump was right again.

Turns out Trump has been right about most of the things tge media claimed he was lying about doesn’t it.

Yup. Turns out orange man goooooodd

Demicrats, liberals, progressives bbbaaad.

Biden/ harris tttteerrrrtible.

1 year ago

Once again the Karen’s, blm, antifa, democrats, liberals, progressives Stacey Abrams and peeloosly were wrong and lying.

Once again trump was right

1 year ago

Rachel Maddow said trump was lying about voter fraud. She probably ut 1000 marks on her lie counter becuase of trump talking about voter fraud.

Looks like Rachel Maddow owns the country 1000 apologies. Just to get balanced on this subject.

1 year ago

It’s worth noting that Dominion has 24/7 access to their machines, via a wi-fi chip inside them.