A Cop Has Been Fired As A Result Of A List Of Donors To Kyle Rittenhaus Being “Leaked” By Big Tech

The Virginia police offers was fired by his department after big tech “leaked” a list of anonymous donors to a fund for Kyle Rittenhaus. Rittenhaus is the 17 year old who shot and killed two protestors who were chasing him down and attacking him at a BLM protest last year while Rittenhaus was there providing medical attention and protection for a local business.

The officer who was fired was serving as the executive officer for the internal affairs division. He made a $25 anonymous donation to Rittenhaus. A hacker stole all the donors information and posted them online and leaked them to the mainstream media as there were many police officers who appeared on the donation rolls.

The police department was able to fire this particular office because he used his official work email when making the donation. They consider him using his government property for political means, which is the grounds they used to fire him.

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Joe from Georgia
Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

I think it’s time to audit all the swing states. When 10 million is offered to not do the audit a person doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know something is wrong with the illegal ballots. If you have more votes than legal voters sometimes is wrong. If we had a Supreme Court that was interested in justice and accountability they would demand a revote with the National Guard and state troopers run the election.. we ran elections in Afghanistan and Iraq we the military can do it in the states. In person voting only. Handicapped voters ID card number will be written on absentee ballots. If they go to their doctor they have to have an ID card. That is the first thing asked for at the polls.