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A Cruel Twist Of Fate For A Single Woman Who Froze Her Eggs In Her 30’s To “Free Her Career”

Ouch! Nothing brings us greater joy than raising our children. We really do feel for this woman. She gambled and lost in one of the worst ways imaginable. We really wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

In case you were unable to see the image above, a 45 year old woman had her eggs frozen in her late 30’s to keep focusing on her career. Additionally, she wasn’t married because she claims to have not found Mr. Right yet either. Possibly because she was too focused on her career? We don’t know and can only speculate here. She worked for many prestigious tech companies and was featured on Bloomberg Businessweek under the headline, “Freeze your eggs, Free your career”. Fast-forward to the present, she is 45 and decided it’s now or never to start her family even though she still hasn’t found Mr. Right.

She reached out to have her frozen eggs thawed and picked out her ideal sperm donor. Unfortunately some eggs didn’t make it through the thawing process, some failed to fertilize, some were abnormal, and the final egg that was implanted in her uterus had failed as well.

Now her chances of carrying her own genetic child are basically zero.

Free yourself to work your life away, never have a family. Everyone’s priorities are different. Something something, have your cake and eat it too?

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1 year ago

Hate to put her down, but priorities. She fell for the propaganda and got burned and still doesn’t even know it.

1 year ago

If you want to have it all, you’ll invariably end up with nothing.

Hamster Analyst
Hamster Analyst
1 year ago

Don’t you just love it how these brainless morons go on about a spending spree spend 19 k US dollars for something that they have no idea what it is? O_O
She realized how little it was talked about the second part of the process when you need to use those frozen eggs? Really? Huh… and here i thought that would be THE FIRST QUESTION you would ask before you buy something for 19 grand. But hey… what do i know?

1 year ago

She’s so desperate to get pregnant, she uses someone else’s egg. She could just adopt. She probably thinks pregnancy is beautiful and fun.

1 year ago

This right here is why it’s so much more fun and efficacious to do it the old fashioned way.
Look honey. What you should have done was, in your early 20s, found a decent, stable guy you were really hot for, locked him down, fucked like rabbits, got him to pay for school for you, and gone to school while preggo. And then had your kids. However many you wanted.
And then after the youngest is in kindergarten, you go back to work flex time.
You get your kids. You get your career. You just had to wait.
Hubby gets his cock wet with a minimum of effort.
Kids get born, grow, learn, become individuals, and bring themselves, you, and your husband, great joy.
Everybody wins.
Instead, because of your knuckleheaded decisions, you all lose.
You lost a marriage to a decent, stable guy. You lost your last chance to have children. You got your career though. Hope it keeps you warm at night and wipes your ass when you’re 80 and wearing Depends all day.
The guy you could have married, ended up with a harpy cunt and is now divorced and paying child support.
The kids you could have carried and borne will never exist and will never experience the joy of life.
You should have started trying to have kids at 25 instead of 45. You could have had 4 kids by age 35 and then been done.
Everyone loses. All because of your selfishness.
I’m done here.