A Giant COVER-UP Is Happening Right Now

Trump slams fake news for not covering Project Veritas vaccine series

Former President Donald Trump has slammed the fake news liberal media for not covering the recent Project Veritas expose series which centers around the cover-up regarding Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions.

The entire video series, which has so far had 3 parts released, exposes the collusion between government agencies, namely HHS, who she accuses of knowingly suppressing vital information regarding Covid-19 vaccine safety – therefore deceiving the public into getting the shot.

The first episode of the new Project Veritas series centers on a whistleblower by the name of Jodi O’Malley who is a registered nurse at the Department of Health and Human Services. The 13-minute clip shows secret recordings where other nurses can be heard discussing patients in the hospital who have been admitted due to Covid vaccine side effects.

An ER doctor by the name of Maria Gonzalez later on in the clip goes on to say, ”The problem in here is that they are not doing the studies. People that had [Covid] and the people that have been vaccinated — they’re not doing any antibody testing.”

Gonzales also said:

”The government doesn’t want you to know that the darn vaccine is full of shit”.

ER Doctor Maria Gonzalez

The former president appeared in an online interview with David Harris Jr where he was asked about James O’Keefe (Project Veritas founder) and his organisation’s latest findings.

Trump responded,”I think James is fantastic but the problem is that the fake news media doesn’t like putting him on. They cancel everything. They cancelled – to a large extent – the great results from the audit in Arizona.

I heard about it [the series] very strongly but you don;t hear about it in the media because they won’t put it out”.

Trump has previously encouraged people to take the vaccine, but it remains to be seen whether he will begin speaking out against the blatant corruption and cover-up coming to the surface regarding the Covid shot.

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1 year ago

Told everyone one obama soros bloomberg gates and other billionaires millionaires are behind this with other governments around the world, it is to kill off the population, so they can control everything around the world, the 1 world order is what these vile evil criminals thieves lying disgusting perverted people all need to be held accountable all their assets ceased, all ceased nothing given back use their mostly illegal money to fix the mess they have caused, that includes anything their families have as well no hidden assets all ceased they can live in the streets, like they caused here and other countries
what you don’t post TRUTH

c Palin
c Palin
Reply to  Nonips
1 year ago

You are not the only person who holds these facts – not opinions –