A Letter From A Police Officer Who Has Had Enough

In the wake of discussions on ending qualified immunity for police officers, one highly decorated officer has had enough and is speaking out.

In his letter he covers his impressive credentials, from a decorated Army career, to the pinnacle of law enforcement positions and every step on the way up.

This letter, while worthwhile for all to read, is not for the public, but for other police officers. It’s a wake up call from one who they should look up to. It’s an eye-opener at the demands and toll police officers are subjected to nowadays. It includes the unrealistic requirements we lay on these men and woman, for as he states, what amounts to the pay level of a forklift operator.

Physical fitness, already rare in our obese nation. Legal expertise at every level of the criminal and civil system. Expert marksmanship on demand in any condition. Hand to hand fight skills capable of subduing opponents without looking too rough on camera. The ability to drive a vehicle constantly, sometimes at high speeds through an urban area. Experience in investigating and making a legal case which will convince a Jury beyond reasonable doubt the Suspect is guilty in a system which becomes more Byzantine. It has fallen on Law Enforcement to be medical experts in a what is by and large the non-criminal act of being mentally ill. Officers are expected o be masters of dialogue, adult and juvenile psychology, as well as their area. Capable of making decisions so fair as to be the envy of King Solomon.

-excerpt from All In, a letter from a former officer

Read the full letter below:

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1 year ago

Let them burn it down, you fools In liberal states will shortly have to defend your self for police will be gone like the radicals who have armed protection but will leave you to protect you self
Good luck you idiots and the red states still have a police force that works.

Elijah Perry
Elijah Perry
Reply to  William
1 year ago

Biden will simply bring in the CCP to help keep order, he is buddies with them anyway.