A MUST WATCH Short Video Of Rep. Matt Gaetz Summarizing Why The Right is So Angy

Rep. Gaetz points out in a session of congress on the hearing for impeaching President Donald Trump for the second time that the American people are ANGRY.

Angry that this congress has tried President trump for impeachment his entire political career. Each time it was found out that the reason for Trump’s impeachment were false and each time Trump was in the right.

First, it was for the Russia-gate. Turns out it was Trump who was right in that the FBI and other agencies were rallying against him as an outsider and illegally spying on him and his campaign. Second was with his fight against the Biden crime family. Something we learn more and more about each day that he was right once again. Finally, this time for inciting a riot and insurrection.

Trump has earned the love of millions of Americans for delivering what they asked. It was congress and a year full of hate and uncontested violent protests on the left where that finally ignited patriots to stand up to the corrupt government, not Trump. Trump is simply the one on their side.

Time will show congress how wrong they are… once again.

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