A Return To Normal. Just Not The Normal We Want.

Biden promised time and time again a return to normal for America. He never did declare what exactly that meant. As vaccine passports, long term mask use, and lockdowns become a new normal, it seems the “normal” Biden was talking about is…. war, violence, and terrorism.

In the 4 years of Trump we had really a peaceful time. Say what you will about Trump’s speech online, he knew how to negotiate and speak with leaders. Making firsts like peace in the middle east and peace with North Korea, Trump really was a champion of peace. The military complex and big business didn’t like that very much.

Now we have ISIS returning back to normal. Warnings are being sent out that ISIS is being recreated in Syria now.

Why is this happening? What’s with the violence in the world and the huge uptick in violence in the US? Mass shootings, murders on the rise, people sick of lockdowns, incomes down from COVID-19, hate speech dividing everyone, and freedoms being taken.

We’ve seen the governement get excused to break their own rules and laws in the name of “national emergency”. It’s no wonder they alone control the ability to declare emergency after emergency now. They have all the power, and that power isn’t built to solve problems, as solving problems would effectively remove them from the power they seek.

We are stuck in a downward spiral it seems.

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