America Is On A Bust Or Boom Path

Are we on the verge of a Golden Age or depression for America? The next few months are the key to knowing.

Maybe the pandemic was necessary to ushering in this Golden Age. Scott Adams gets the credit here by outlining these win’s that came from the pandemic potentially aiding in a golden age for America:

The nuclear energy program is booming. This will be a major boost to every industry including electric cars, space exploration, and grid power which will aid in other natural resources like lakes and coal being mined or drained. Naturally this will be a huge help for those concerned about climate change as well.

Thanks to Elon Must we are now possibly going to Mars. Remember the enthusiasm and pride that followed America’s last space race to the moon? It’s a great tool in bringing people together in positivity. Something that is very hard to do.

We now have the MRNA vaccine structure now thanks to COVID that looks like it might have some promise. With some more testing and refinement, MNRA vaccines can be used in our fights against other big diseases that we might finally be able to wipe out. Thinking about Africa and 3rd world countries that are riddles with diseases, we now may be to able to work on permanent solutions for them.

Remote working has become a standard. This is still too new to know for sure, but this can lead to an overall lower stress load for the American public as much of stress is from what they see as toxic work environments. While working remotely wont remove all those stresses, the physical distance is a huge help. Plus there are all the positive implications that come with a remote workforce like less traffic, less need for massive buildings that suck up resources, etc. Workers benefit by being able to live in cheaper cost of living areas instead of cities and still have great access to jobs. Businesses now get to widen their pool of potential employees as they wont need them to be physically near them anymore. This could be a huge turn of events for the entire world.

Food delivery is now a normal. This may sound unimportant as we’ve always been able to order take out. The likes of Uber Eats has exploded the options for us now. Not only can we find more options in foods, but we also don’t need to gather everyone looking to eat and head to the restaurant. It can come to you. This has helped spring up a new model of business for restaurants to focus more on delivery only, cutting their costs by downsizing their buildings and labor. An entirely new business model is growing in this model that will allow more chef’s to bring their specialty dishes to you, and you to them without having to drive around finding these hole-in-the-wall treats.

All these are great positives that can help bringing on a golden age, but they are also a double edge sword and can cause lots of havoc as well. Add in the booming real estate industry that has priced homes so high that most cannot afford them now, inflation costs soaring thanks to supply line disruptions and ludicrous Government spending and the common people in the US are feeling a serious pinch.

It seems America is on the verge of something great indeed. A great and shiny Golden Age, or a great depression. These next few months will be key for that. The biggest worry is who is running the government as they will be the single largest factor of gold vs depression, and so far it hasn’t been good.

What do you think? Is America heading for a Golden Age or an Inflation filled Depression?

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1 year ago

Nothing related to Xiden can be linked to a golden age.