Another ‘Conspiracy’ Proving Right

All we heard in the last few years was ‘a wild right-wing conspiracy’ about xyz. Well, turns out that more often than not, those conspiracies are turning out to be true one by one.

The latest conspiracy that is proving itself to be true is the origins of COVID-19. Trump specifically was called a xenophobe, racist, and conspiracy lunatic for going against the mainstream media and their paid scientists claiming that from what he’s seen, he believes it started in Wuhan.

It is turning out that he was right. So were all the American’s who believed him and looked into the story as well. As more and more details come up, and Fauci’s emails really solidify these findings, is that COVID did come from Wuhan.

Granted, there seems to be information coming out in the Fauci emails that while COVID-19 was leaked in Wuhan, it may have originally been created in the US under Fauci’s supervision. This is so serious that House Republican’s are now calling for an audit on the $600k in government funding given to Fauci’s Lab’s to see what ‘gain of function’ they were working on and where the money went.

Only thing we know now is Fauci is in some serious trouble and America along with the rest of the world is demanding answers.

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