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ANTIFA Attacks Citizens In Their Cars, Cops Arrest The Citizens?

Rocks, mace, clubs and more being wielded by ANTIFA in Portland once again. They were harassing and attacking anyone who appeared to be white Christian and conservative. Multiple videos of them attacking cars and trucks that were passing by, smashing the windows and lights of the vehicles. It’s a miracle, for Antifa, that none of the vehicle operators protected themselves or their property.

One vehicle owner did stop to check on the damage to his truck after ANTIFA spray-painted his truck, smashed his windows and tail lights. Once stopped, the elderly man was sprayed with mace and threatened and instinctively pulled out his concealed carry weapon as he was unable to see, breathe well due to the mace and was beginning to be surrounded by ANTIFA thugs. CUE THE POLICE! That’s when police finally decided to intervene. Ironically, who do they go after? None other than the elderly man who was attacked. They force him to the ground and he complies.

The footage is causing an outrage across the country. When will enough be enough? Where is the FBI investigating these brutal thugs? Watch the video below:

This was the damage done to a vehicle where the owner came out and stopped it. Had he not, he would have left looking like this truck below who did not get out and was nearly killed. Still the police did nothing to ANTIFA.

Here is a longer video that a random concerned citizen recorded of the riot and destruction by ANTIFA:

What can you do?

Contact your state legislators and ask them to extend the castle doctrine to also include your right to defend yourself in your own vehicle.

If someone is trying to mug you or open your car doors or break through your car windows, you should be allowed to legally use deadly force in self defense.

Research the laws in your state.

This also justifies being allowed to keep your firearm in your glove department. So also check those laws and contact your state legislator.

Also mention the recent mugging of the Pakistani American uber eats driver. He was mugged in his car and killed. We need self defense laws!

Please campaign for this and get on board and spread the word.

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