April Job Report Shows the Employment in a Tough Situation

More than 100 days since Biden took over the oval office, making it the ideal time to assess how the newly elected president has been performing so far.

In this regard, let’s agree that economic and unemployment stats have been reliable, and priority indicators to gauge the performance of any administration. Trump particularly was very proud of the prosperous economic gains in his tenure, until the pandemic hit the world, devastating healthcare, and the economy alike.

Though the situation persists, luckily the businesses have started reopening as the vaccination goes hand in hand. But in spite of the restoration of the economy, the April Jobs Report does not convey satisfactory results for the Biden government.

According to the report, unemployment soared to 6.1 percent, with Black unemployment as high as 9.7 percent.

This is serious and significantly unaligned with the employment and prosperity promises made. Additionally, only 266,000 jobs have been added so far contrary to the initial vows of 1 million. 

Since it is kind of customary to compare the successor’s performance with that of the predecessor’s,  let’s check where Biden lies in comparison with Trump.

No doubt, during the pandemic, the Trump administration performed hard trying to wrap the situation, whilst minimizing its effects on the economy- The number one rule on Trump’s guidebook of “Great America.”
The stimulus checks, distributed twice amongst 160 million people, and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) run to support millions of the small businesses and jobs, gave the much-needed support to the economy to survive the disastrous threshold.

And due to these initiatives, even in the times of COVID-19, the unemployment rate did not hit the predicted high of 6.7 percent in November 2020.

Concluding the discussion, the figures are not promising. But, let’s see how the situation develops in the near future.

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Ronald Smith
1 year ago

Lol Hard To Believe This Moron has NO idea what she is saying , Christmas Comes in August this YEAR also ! imagine her being your Doctor

1 year ago

Biden has the economy so hosed up its going to take trump six months to fix it when all the election fraud being found throws bidens and harris out of the white house along with 7 democrat senstors.