The Laughingstock Of The World – Australia Blasts US Media Biden Coverage

Australia is laughing at how corrupt the US media has become and the stark differences between their coverage of the same events both Trump and Biden attended.

They named CNN in particular as so heavily biased that it has become a joke. Their coverage of the G7 Summit made it seem like Trump was an outsider and rejected, where with Biden they make him seem like a leader. One he is clearly not as they point out his clear and obvious disintegrating cognitive abilities.

No official sources have been given regarding Trudeau supposedly telling staffers that he expects Kamala to be President, but it has been a rumor long before Biden even stepped foot into the white house. The question is how will people react when the candidate that got the fewest votes at the DNC and had to step down from running for president, is now the president?

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1 year ago

America the joke of the entire world. The Jo and Ho clown show, demented and witches cackle, bot enept and jokes. Unfortunately the joke is on us.

Marilyn Butler
Marilyn Butler
1 year ago

The world knows how soon to be divorce and cackleho got where they are.

11 months ago

Thank God I live in a red state! I FEEL safer already.