Been A Bad Week For Deep State

The Deep State operatives have had a no good rotten bad week.

Survey results are showing that over half the country now believe someone other than Biden is running the country due to his lack of mental and physical abilities.

The Haitian President was just assassinated by highly skilled and organized hit team that got to him by acting and impersonating US DEA operatives. The corrupt country and it’s murdered president are so tightly linked to the Clintons that the Clintons are now trending on Twitter in association with the assasination.

Trump announced lawsuits against social media. Naming Facebook, Twitter, and Google in a press conference regarding the lawsuit, Trump is on a war path to right the wrongs that these Big Tech companies have committed and continue to commit.

Pennsylvania has announced they are performing a full forensic audit on the 2020 election. They will be doing an Arizona style audit on multiple counties, both Democrat and Republican lead counties. IT IS HAPPENING!

Lastly is Biden’s Vaccination goal. His goal for the 4th Of July vaccination levels were missed so badly that he’s now having to send out Government employees door to door to push vaccination to the unvaccinated. The program has already received tons of backlash and it hasn’t even been fully pushed out.

That’s a lot of headache for the Deep State in just a short period.

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Douglas Hutchens
Douglas Hutchens
1 year ago

What did ilhan Omar and the squad take a hit out on the president of Haiti just wondering… Real Americans say huh…

Steve Clinton
Steve Clinton
1 year ago

Knowing the Clintons could be the kiss of death.

Russell Mims
1 year ago

I hope there is a lot more bad news for the deep state and to Main Street media which was complicit in the fraud in 2020 and in violence happening in liberal cities across the USA. A day of reckoning is coming.