Bernie Sanders Wants More Violence

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has refused to sign a letter condemning far left activists who followed Senator Krysten Sinema into a bathroom at Arizona State University.

The far-left activists launched a protest against Arizona Senator Sinema outside a classroom at Arizona State University over her opposition to Democrats’ $3.5 trillion social reform bill. They filmed themselves following her into a bathroom, chanting ‘Build back better, back the bill!’

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey reportedly organized a joint statement on behalf of Democrat leadership calling the protest ‘plainly inappropriate’ which Sanders has refused to sign.

The 80-year-old long-serving Vermont Senator reportedly wanted a line included in the statement criticizing Sinema for her moderate approach and her refusal to vote for the $3.5trillion spending bill amid tension in the Democratic Party after two of their own Senators (Sinema and Manchin) have refused to back Biden’s spending bill.

The draft statement calls protesters actions’ ‘plainly inappropriate’ and says they ‘cross a clear line.’ Sanders’ communications director Mike Casca replied asking if the statement could also take a jab at Sinema’s position over the same issue she was confronted about, as previously mentioned. Casca replied the next day, ‘Sanders will not be signing, so please cut “Senate Democratic Leadership Team” from the headline.’

‘While we hope Senator Sinema will change her position on prescription drug reform and support a major reconciliation bill…’ Sanders’ team proposes.

As for the spending bill itself, with no Republican support, Democrats are looking to pass the measure via the reconciliation process. That would mean all 50 Democrat Senators would have to vote to pass the bill – but they only have 48 who will vote in favor.

The progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party are waging war on each other while patriots around the country continue to fight back.

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Tom P
Tom P
1 year ago

Leave it to Bernie to be an idiot. Did he decry the summer of 2020 violence in American cities? Why no he did not.

white trash
1 year ago

Sander is just another ancient Stalin/Hitler Ass Kisser. Just another Jew like Soros who eat the shit from nazi asses and turn their own people in. this fat rich bastard should have violence done to him and his loved ones. Live my the sword and you die by the sword. when the muslim take over the communist party which is now the one world government or the demon rat in this country, they will slice him head off as fast as the can. he was born a Jew, became a communist and married at one time Christian. all three are hated by the muslims. and Obama should not think he is safe kissing muslim asses because he and Big Mike will be throw off a very high roof for being homosexuals.