Biden and Harris’ Absurd Reactions To Afghan Chaos

With thousands of Americans still in Afghanistan pleading for help, many are wondering where the leaders of America are and what they are planning to do to help.

Joe Biden just got back from his vacation and is looking exhausted and unbalanced.

Kamal Harris announced that she is planning to visit Singapore and Vietnam on Friday, of all places.

Both of them keep shying away from the collapse of Afghanistan.

The timing probably couldn’t be worse for the Biden administration. On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to embark on a trip across the Pacific that will include a stop in Vietnam.

The trip – which will be Harris’ second overseas venture since taking office – comes as the current crisis in Afghanistan has drawn many comparisons to the end of U.S. involvement in Vietnam in the 1970s.

This week’s scenes of crowds gathering at Kabul’s airport and U.S. military helicopters arriving to pick up passengers at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital revived grim memories of desperate Vietnamese people trying to board U.S. helicopters as they left the embassy in Saigon more than four decades ago.

The Vietnam War era was among the most divisive periods in American history, with the long conflict factoring into Democratic President Lyndon Johnson’s decision not to seek re-election in 1968.

The prospect of Harris visiting Vietnam at this particular moment raised the possibility of the worst photo op for an American in that country since Jane Fonda donned a helmet there in 1972.

Fox News Reporting
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1 year ago

This has Bath House Barry Dickbama written all over it.

1 year ago

Impeach them both