Biden COVID Death Toll Since Taking Office 60k and Climbing

The good people at Freebeacon.com have been doing the US a solid by keeping track of the Nation Death Toll caused by COVID. As of February 8th, 2021 (updated at 8am EST) the estimated death toll was 60,178.

Wasn’t there some claiming this was all Trump’s fault and the ‘blood was on his hands’ simply for being president? Oh yea, they did. Well, where are those voices now?

It’s Official: 100,000 Are Dead of Covid-19 in America, and Their Blood Is on Trump’s Hands

-Headline of an article written by Mehdi Hasan for TheIntercept.com

That didn’t age well as everyone already knew. To be fair, we can’t blame Biden for these deaths, likewise we can’t blame Trump for the deaths. However, it sure is fun to laugh at the hypocrisy of these media outlets and political figures who do.

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