Biden Now Has 18,000 Kids In Cages, Trump Peak Was 2,600

With the surge in immigrants taking advantage of Grandpa Joe in office, the unaccompanied minor tally has hit 18,000 kids who are living in the ‘cages’ the media detested under Trump.

At the peak level under Trump, there was never more than 2,600 kids at any time. That has all changed when Biden took office. Illegal immigrants are getting free a free pass into the country. They arrive, get to stay at camps and hotels that cost tax payers millions of dollars per day, set them up with free health care, $1,200 pre-loaded debit cards curtesy of US tax-payers, and a trip to any US City of their choosing free of charge.

If this has taught the right anything it’s that the right is terrible at optics. They have lost all control of any mainstream media. It has nothing to do with how many kids are in the cages. There could’ve been 1 kid in a cage in the Trump administration and 1 million in the Biden regime and the outcome of the rage mob would’ve been exactly the same. It’s all about optics and the Democrats have mastered this. People don’t seem to realize how good the Democrats really are at optics. Biden could club a baby seal and they’ll still love him. Until the Republicans start playing the same dirty games and master optics as the Democrats have, they will never win any fight.

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