Biden Showing Signs Of Stepping Down

President Biden marked 9/11 by issuing a formal address to the nation in which he called for unity and an end to division as the country paused this past Saturday to mark 20 years since the terrorist attack on our nation.

The president was also joined in New York at the Ground Zero Memorial by former Presidents Obama and Clinton, where the names of the 2,977 victims of the attack were read out individually.

As well as a formal address to the nation, the sitting president usually makes public remarks on the day of the anniversary. In the past the Commander-in-Chief of the day has spoken at New York, The Pentagon or Shanksville. However, biden failed to do so on his visit to all three locations.

Former President Trump visited and spoke with New York firefighters on Saturday where he gave thanks to them for their support, as well as slamming Biden for his Afghanistan withdrawal and the fact that he made no live public remarks on the day of the 9/11 anniversary.

“Biden went to all three places today [sites of the attack] and he didn’t speak – I wonder why?” questioned Trump in-front of the firefighters.

Many Republicans have questioned Biden’s mental capacity to hold the office after gaffes where the president is seemingly talking nonsense have occurred on dozens of occasions since he became president. This has led to a former Republican who knew Biden in Congress to suggest he may be suffering from cognitive decline therefore should leave office.

Even liberal networks such as CNN are now turning on the president due to his apparent uselessness as well as his inability to govern.

However, if in the future Biden were to be removed from office this would mean that the Democrats would lose their control of the upper house, but they also lose their 51st vote to confirm a new vice president, as required by the Constitution as Kamala Harris would take over as the new president.

Perhaps Biden will be sticking around in-office longer than we think?

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white trash
1 year ago

get the hell out of here. get Biden and al the demon rats out of this country. they are evil clowns. to be a democrat is to be against anything this country stands for.

Reply to  white trash
1 year ago

I agree completely!! This group of evil people have already put AMERICA in the worst position EVER!!! Even with WWII starting, we had a group of leaders that could do something that helped lead to the end of an EVIL group of war-mongers! This “GROUP” of STUPID “leaders”, has placed USA in a position of DEEP, SHAMEFUL, EVIL enemies that have absolutely no regrets for ANYTHING they do, and it will be extremely difficult to end this terrible situation!! DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM 9/11??? Get rid of the present leaders,,,,,,They are ruining USA!!!

1 year ago

It is dangerous to have a senile , mentally deficient person as the leader of the free world. Who knows who is making decisions on his behalf and what their agenda is.

1 year ago

I KNOW the Marxists in 2020 KNEW biden was shoig signs of dementia, yet they still ran the poor old soul as presidential candidate, this was fraud on the American people, plus the election was rigged. The REAL zpresidet of the United States ( Donald Trump) should step forward and take his office