Biden Surrenders To Taliban

For the first time in history, For the first time in US History, the US Military has issued an order to the Commander and Chief, which is Joe Biden. The Military leaders have “advised” Joe Biden that he has “until Tuesday” to decide on extending the deadline for US withdrawal. If he agrees, they will continue to evacuate American citizens. This amounts to an ultimatum to the sitting President.

He did not agree with the Military leaders, instead he caved to the Taliban. He is holding firm on the Taliban’s orders to be gone from Afghanistan on the August 31st deadline. Conditions in Afghanistan are so horrendous, commanders are worried they will not be able to get US troops out in time, let alone American citizens in the country and allies who we swore we’d protect if they helped us. We are now leaving them all behind in a rush to get out along with the FULLY STOCKED bases that the Taliban have taken over with over $80 BILLION worth of military gear.

Scores of American citizens and allies are going to be left behind and given to the Taliban. This is a disaster of epic proportions. When asked about it, the WH reported that they need permission from the Taliban to get people out at this point. It is a total and complete loss at this point.

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1 year ago

Bath House Barry Dickbama written all over this mess