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Breakdown On How Trump May Still Win [VIDEO]

OAN produced a wonderfully detailed video of how President Trump may legally be sworn in for another 4 years.

In this short clip, we learn of all the key states where evidence is overwhelming of election fraud and loss of election integrity. These key states send out their Electors to be counted on January 6th by Vice-President Mike Pence. What most don’t know is these states send out electors based on their state’s election. They each have sent democratic electors, but they can also send back up republican electors if they think there was something amiss in their state’s election.

The states can choose which electors to be counted, congress can choose which electors to count, and ultimately Vice President Pence gets the say on which electors to count.

This isn’t unprecedented and has already occurred in American history, and it was written in the history books as the right and honest thing to do. If this were to happen again, it surely would be written the same.

As the video states, something is very odd about each of these states. They are refusing to let anyone view the actual ballots of the election. This is their right, but also extremely dubious. In the Bush V Gore “hanging chad” issue in Florida, Florida allowed both parties to analyze the ballots without any hindrance. This allowed both to clearly see the results where the country, and world, could trust the results. This was indispensable to the incoming president as the people would not support a new president if there were any doubt that he may not be the actual voted-in president.

Yet, here we are. For some reason, these states are not allowing anyone to see the ballots in question and even have a discussion on their election integrity. Unfortunately, this will ultimately lead to feelings of an illegitimate president being sworn in. No matter which site. To make it worse, it isn’t just Americans that will feel this way, the entire world is watching. We don’t know what will happen if the world sees the US President as illegitimate.

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