Can You Hear That? The Silent Majority Is Becoming The FURIOUS Majority All Over The WORLD

Election audits are being pushed HARD all over the United States, and they are finding so much fraud that more and more states are pushing audits. India has gone against the grain and pushed the alternative medicine Ivermectin over the vaccines, and it is working! COVID19 is being reported as being decimated in India now and death counts plummeted. However, there is one country where the silent majority has become the VERY ANGRY majority.

That country is France. The people of France have turned their pent-up anger against the Government and have declared war. While many in the US think their Government is oppressive and taking their freedoms, France is worse. The French President has recently announced a 6-month prison decree for anyone who enters a restaurant or bar without a vaccine passport. If that wasn’t shocking enough, bar and restaurant owners who are caught allowing the unvaccinated into their establishments face a 1-year prison sentence and 45,000 Euro fine.

The people are furious. They are so furious that they are actually committing arson and BURNING their vaccination centers down to the ground. They are out protesting in the streets. They are done with lockdowns and the lack of personal freedoms.

How much longer till America has its own revolt of the currently simmering silent majority? The pressure is rising, everyone can feel it. Something is going to pop.

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1 year ago

It is past time to stand up and take back our freedoms the Marxist, cyborgs of the collective are plotting and ARE taking away from us!