Politics Satire

Fox News Calls AZ Audit Early, Giving Democrats The Win With The Audit Only 10% Done

Ok ok, the headline is fake. Fox hasn’t commented on the Arizona election audit. In fact, most mainstream medias have not been covering the audit much until recently when the last Judge recused himself and a new Judge was appointed. Trump on the other hand as well as many conservative networks have been buzzing for […]

National Politics Satire

Liberals Embarrass Themselves Calling The Shooting A Right Wing White Male Racist Hate, Then Find Out He’s A Muslim Trump Hating Liberal

Sometimes to best prove your point, it’s best to just stay quite and let others do all the talking. So that’s what we’re doing here. Showcasing the liberals in their flawed ideas that they so thoughtfully spread far and wide. THREAD: Here are all the idiotic leftists who immediately jumped to politicize the tragic Boulder […]


[VIDEO]Pregnant Women: America’s Secret Weapon?

FreedomToons is probably one of the funniest animators on Youtube. After all the nonsense coming from the Military lately including but not limited to arguing with private citizens in public, considering removing physical tests as female candidates are failing out at alarming rates, and it’s latest public clashes with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, FreedomToons […]

Politics Satire

[Satire, or is it?] In A Bizarre Twist, CNN Article States Trump Votes Weren’t Counted!

Calm down everyone. It’s a joke on a very poorly worded CNN article titled: “They stormed the Capitol to overturn the results of an election they didn’t vote in”. We assume they mean the “violent insurrectionists” who didn’t vote, but went to a massive Trump rally because they were there just for Trump. Who they […]