CDC Confirms, COVID Hospitalized Fat People

The CDC study found that 80% of all people hospitalized with COVID0-19, were overweight or obese. 80% is a vast majority.

This result lead to many assumptions as to why Africa is reporting such low numbers for COVID. Could it be due to the fact that Africa contains far less overweight and obese people? It’s very possible, but I’m sure we’ll never get the real answer.

The far scarier bit of information we can gleam from this study, is that the CDC knew this all along. That the overweight and obese were the highly susceptible to COVID-19 and those in good health were barely affected. The CDC and WHO knew this, but couldn’t report it or want anyone because that wouldn’t be politically correct. WOKEness strikes it’s ugly head again.

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1 year ago

It’s fake news when news outlets title the article as an email leak when it was actually a legal release from a freedom of information act. There was nothing illegal about it.