Celebs Love Their Trans Kids

You can’t be an A-List Celebrity these days unless you conform to their standards, and these days it seems that you much have a transgender child.

Knowing that transgenders account for less than 1% of the population, what is the reason that such a large percentage of Hollywood have transgender children? It breaks all scientific and statistical studies, so what’s causing the large influx of trans-children in Hollywood? Why isn’t that same ratio held in the rest of the country, or world? The science is baffled.

However it’s not just Hollywood, it’s also those in highly public positions in sports. Here is Dwayne Wade, a top echelon NBA player with his future WNBA dominator trans-daughter.

One can only hope for happiness for all. Real, true, deep, happiness and joy. This is one that science will just call an outlier until we understand more about transgenderism in general.

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Alan Womack
1 year ago

Hollywood is a very sick place. It will always remain so.

1 year ago

Because these people are Freaks and perverted what do expect from immoral behavior from their parents maybe these people should not have children

1 year ago

Because most are freaks perverted so the kids follow, change partners like buying shoes cheat or mix together they need to get rid of actors and actresses they have the technology to make good movies without human people, that way maybe we can get back to caring loving honor respect because we won’t have these disgusting people in our lives, immoral behavior is not good never was and never will be