Congress Just Launched An Investigation Into The 2020 Election, But It’s Not What You Think

Today, July 14th 2021, Democrats in the House used the power they have over the Committee On Oversight And Reform to launch an investigation, not into all the election fraud being found, but into the Arizona Audit. Specifically calling out the audit company Code Monkey.

They are claiming that unusual audit is being done by a company that has never done election related audits before and there are many reports of ‘sloppy and insecure audit practices’ being done. Additionally they are claiming the audit was being funded by individuals wanting to perpetuate the “big lie” which has in their eyes been debunked as per their letter.

Some of the things they specifically addressed were the use of ultraviolet light to check the ballots. They claim that experts have voiced that this could potentially damage the ballots. And the use of blue pens instead of red pens on the ballots according to more reports.

The funny thing is they linked many of these so called ‘reports’ below. Their reports are news articles put on by the likes of: Slate, Newsweek, NPR, TheGuardian, CBSNews, Vox and others.

This appears to be another Steele Dossier where one side writes an opinion hit piece based on no factual evidence and then the Government uses that as their key grounds for investigation.

To read the entire letter of investigation: click here or on the image below

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1 year ago

Same old tactics by the leftists! This is all smoke & mirrors to deflect that they got caught committing fraud in the 2020 election!