The Right Is Winning, Here’s Why

It has been a dark year for conservatives. Freedoms gone, Trump gone, Government expanding and destroying everything it touches. However, it seems like the world is finally waking up from the abuses of power and nightmare times. Here is how conservatives are winning.

  • H.R.1, the bill that would expand the democrats power grab over voter registration and elections is now dead.
  • Vaccine passports are dead and not being pushed anymore
  • Mask mandates are dead and more and more states have dropped or are dropping lockdowns
  • Packing the Supreme Court discussions are dead
  • DC becoming a State is Dead
  • Dr. Fauci has been exposed as a fraud and his credibility is dead
  • The Media bias has been exposed, ratings have plummeted and credibility is dead
  • Big Pharma is being exposed as corrupt
  • The Democratic Party is eating itself and crumbling
  • The Biden administration has fallen off a cliff
  • Evidence is pouring in that the Jan 6 Raid was a set up and orchestrated by the FBI
  • Audits are going full steam and evidence of fraud is popping up in key states even before full audits
  • Parents are standing up to and taking down school boards
  • More and more patriots have moved to alternative news sources and are more active than ever in local politics and fighting for their beliefs than ever before.

The silent majority has awaken and is starting to fight back.

What else can be added to this list?

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Clifford Hanson
1 year ago

I know that God is in control no matter what happens, he created everything and knows the beginning and the end, I put my trust in him no matter what this world says or does thank you Lord for your love grace and mercy.

1 year ago

I am proud to Stand Up for the Flag. It represents our Country and American Citizens. GOD BLESS THE USA!

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
1 year ago

More American people on both sides of the political aisle are buying guns and passing back ground checks than ever before.