Cost Of Living In California Just Went Down

Prop 47 in California dropped criminal sentences for non violent crimes, including shoplifting. Theft under $950 is no longer a felony. According to the police in California, now if they do catch a theft, they have to verify that it was over $950, otherwise they get the equivalent of a speeding ticket that gets ignored and go on their way.

Theft has spiked all over California especially in San Francisco. Organized retail crime has become a $30 BILLION a year business. Crime rings are now able to shoplift with little persecution so long as they make sure each thief stays under the $950 limit, if caught.

However, police don’t even respond anymore due them being powerless in convicting them. This has caused thieves to be brazen in their shoplifting and take loads of merchandise well above the $950 without any problems.

Store clerks and visitors are told to stand back and just call the police to report the incidents. Earlier this year a Rite-Aid clerk tried to stop some shoplifters and was killed for interfering.

Everything in California priced under $950 is now essentially free. This is what they voted for and wanted. It’s hard to feel bad when they asked for this. Businesses are learning the hard way and closing up shop left and right.

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