COVID-19 Deaths Reduced In Ireland from Approximately 1700 To Just 92

Why was this huge retraction in deaths reported? Well the answer is simple. Coroners and doctors in Ireland were written a waring to them and the police that misreporting deaths as COVID-19 is a serious crime and they would be liable to be sued by families if it was fraudulently reported.

Naturally, the video linked in the tweet is no longer available on Youtube as it has been censored. Luckily, Bitchute has a copy of the video. If you wish to skip straight to about 19:40 in the video, this is where they talk of the death toll reduction in Ireland.

Can something like this be done around the world? It would be extremely beneficial to all if we had a transparent and honest account of what this virus was really doing. We could properly figure out how to best defeat and protect people against it. Until we can get honest figures that are trustworthy with ample transparency, we will keep fighting each other instead of the real problem.

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