Dairy Farmer With Prosthetic Legs Sues Biden Administration Over “Racist” Covid Relief Plan That Excludes Him From Relief Because He Is White

A farmer in Wisconsin, who is disabled and utilizes two prosthetic legs, filed a suit in federal court over Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package for farmers.

While he is a farmer, he doesn’t qualify for the stimulus loan forgiveness because he is white. Non-white farmers qualify for the loan forgiveness, but white farmers do not. Thus this farmer is fighting back claiming the program is racist.

The suit has now been joined by multiple farmers in the region. They are fighting the $4 billion program that the Biden Administration passed for COVID-19 stimulus help that forgives loans for farmers and ranchers who are “black, Native American, Hispanic, or Asian”. Notably missing from forgiveness is “white”. White farmers do not qualify.

Fox News had him on as a guest where he met with Tucker Carlson and pleaded his case that this program is racist at the federal level and the racism in any form is wrong.

Biden’s plan was put into place to help black farmers who claim to have been systematically discriminated against for years.

Surely the answer to fixing racism is to do it back to others. Ending racism is not the way to fix the issue, at least, this is what the Federal Government believes.

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Harold Woody Tiernan
Harold Woody Tiernan
1 year ago

That Farmer Program is a real fine example of the Biden Administration caving to favored interest groups. Not well written, and not good legislation. Totally to our American values. Discrimination is still a NO-NO, whichever way it cuts. The President has truly lost his mind if he supports this kind of legislation. I hope that farmer’s lawsuit lays the President flat. A disgusting situation!

1 year ago

Racism is BS. Opportunities have been there for ALL races, if they wanted to work for it.

1 year ago

I am officially part of the Elizabeth Warren 1/1024 Indian tribe.