DC To Give Rioters $1.6M For Arrests Without Cause And Excessive Force… To 2017 Trump Inauguration Rioters.

2017 Anti Trump DC Riots

The double standard is strong in DC in case anyone forgot.

January 6th protestors are still in jail, many in solidary confinement, unable to have court dates, unable to be released on bonds, and with vague charges. Meanwhile the rioters who burned DC down and destroyed property and caused mega millions in damage and violence against Trump supporters and police are getting their records sealed, no charges by the DA, and now they are getting paid for all their damage and destruction.

We are living in a double standard justice system. What will it take to right this course?

To view more information and reporting on this, you can read it here. Your choice.

Here’s the two “riots”. One is the worst in history, the other is getting paid out, can you tell which is which?

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1 year ago

Leaders of the Republican Party need to pursue investigations of these continued double standards and find out why this is happening. They need to use whatever legal remedies there are to stop this corruption.

1 year ago

Wow!!!!! The liberal judges liberal communist congress finally showed their true colors by awarding rioters for destroying the police department!!!!