Democrat Criminals Caught!

A drop box for 2020 Election Ballots in Georgia produced an 1,900 ballots. That alone was not suspicious, and what is considered the fraud here. The Fraud comes from the fact that 24 individuals are on video delivering those 1,900 ballots to the drop box.

The best part was that was one of the so called “Zuckerberg Drops”. Zuckerberg paid for these drop boxes to be placed all over heavy democrat areas.

They thought they wouldn’t get caught. They controlled the area, they controlled the money, they had their own people in place, they controlled the politicians, they controlled the attorney, and still – we got them!

It is time for CRIMINAL CHARGES!

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IVAN Sucic
IVAN Sucic
1 year ago

If the Federal Election Commission sets the standard of the ERROR for vote count to 1 in 250,000, why it is the total count of 113,000 votes accepted when there were 106,000 ballots adjudicated (ballots with accidental or intentional errors-or over voting), as proudly expressed in front of cameras by Georgia county official?
Instead of rejecting the errors on the percentage above of 0,00004%, the error or ridiculously high number of 93.8% was accepted as a valid count.
Doesn’t that mean that 106,000 out of 113,000 voters in Georgia county did not vote by themselves, but rather 1 person of one Party who was judging their over-voted ballot, without confirmation of another person of opposition Party?
Is that the law of this land?

Reggie Fraker
1 year ago

Nothing absolutely will not happen. All of the ” A.B.Cs” law enforcement agencies will
make sure of this. You know what they say
Money talks and B. S walks