Democrats Need To Address Their Hate and Anti-Semitism

Streets of New York and Los Angeles were terrorized with anti-Israel rallies last week. Some of the leading Democrat figures including Representative Ayanna Pressley, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Representative Ilhan Omar, and Representative Rashida Tlaib are propagating a new layer of violence and terror under the guise of anti-Zionism in the country. It will be a very unfortunate state of affairs if such political violence is allowed to go on freely and unchecked in the streets of the United States as the country has still not recovered from the violent propaganda of Black Lives Matter.

Last week’s rallies also included attacks on the Jewish communities which did not spring forth in a vacuum but were well planned and well-executed by the group of above-mentioned so-called Progressive democrats. The American left seem to be moving forward from mere criticism and moving towards full-scale anti-Semitism. Such actions call out to democrats to clearly state which side they are on and what agenda do they really follow.

Squad members accused Israel of being an apartheid state and also claimed Israel is using United States military aid to target helpless Palestinian women and children which is a big accusation to lay. Most astonishingly these claims met no rebuke from liberals whose platform is being used to launch such accusations on the most respected institution of the country.

The intense attacks on Jewish communities even urged progressive leaders such as Amer Zahr, the former surrogate of Bernie Sanders to condemn these actions and call on progressives to stop the violence in his Tweet. Those democrats who try to present the case of Israel and why it needed to fight against terrorism of Hamas were immediately met with a layer of criticism and were demonized as white supremacists. Such incidents are an example of Democrat hypocrisy, which they try to hide at all costs no matter the consequences. Democrats often criticize Republicans for being a hypocrite and not condemning the wrongdoings of their leaders and followers but it seems that this claim is wrong.

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, who always label Republicans for anti-Semitism are nowhere to be found when it comes to condemning the acts of Anti-Semitisms by the so-called progressives.

Democrats need to address the anti-Semitism present inside their party lines and condemn such acts that promote violence in the country. The American public should see the real faces behind the mask that democrats wear to hide their hypocrisy and see them for what they really are. The country is already going through the worst crisis of its history and cannot afford violence on its street but the squad members do not seem to care about all this.  

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Shawn Healy
Shawn Healy
1 year ago


Public Citizen
Public Citizen
1 year ago

There’s only one way to put a stop to this kind of activity, as demonstrated by history, and that is to put it down and put it down ~hard~.
The bureaucrats aren’t going to do it, they are too busy quaking in their shoes that they might upset the protestors. they need to be more concerned about the “silent majority” because when that silent majority has had “enough” the consequences will be blood in the streets.

1 year ago

Just so I understand this, it’s okay for the idiot Squad to propagate a level of violence and terror under the guise of anti-Zionism in this country and, yet, NONE of their fellow Democrats do NOT call them on it and, yet, the Democrats are blaming Trump for the riots of January 6th. Speaking of riots, why haven’t the Democrats been held accountable for the riots in Seattle, Oregon, Minneapolis, L.A., etc. with all the damage they had done???? Just asking!!!!

briben biden
briben biden
1 year ago

While the Blacks and Hispanics love to scream white supremacy and white privilege and fact is that the predominate preferential treatment in america is for Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims.

All the screaming and yelling is to gain more preferential treatment. It is really said when 65 years after affirmative action was passed the president of the united states is giving covid relief only to black farmers.

Then we find a scam where fake farms were getting covid relief and not one word about the fact those fake farms had to be created and owned by black or Hispanic people or they would not have gotten the relief money.

We cover for black and hispanic crime and criminals constantly. George Floyd is a great example. By all the positive press yo would think the guy was a saint. George Floyd was an life time criminal, drug dealer,and drug addict who took his own life through an overdose of drugs, but black privilege makes him a hero.

It is racism and it is promoted by the KKK NAZI democrat party with encouragement from all the liberals and progressives. All the Low IQ white suburban house wive “KAREN’s” who have no idea about the real world just add to this racism and bigotry.

then there are the corporations that think if they act like they support the predominate racism and bigotry those racists and bigots will not come after their companies. That just create more democrat racism and bigotry.

the fact is if your a liberal, democrat, progressive you are a racist bigot. it is that cut and dry.