DOOR to DOOR Vaccine Checks

The Biden administration announced that they are stepping up their game in pushing the country to total vaccination. Part of those efforts will include going door to door of the unvaccinated to inform them that the virus is safe and share locations where they can get the vaccine.

One reader asked the question how the Government can know who is vaccinated and who is not, or even the canvasser team, how can they know? The answer could be that HIPAA protections that usually hide a persons medical history does not cover vaccination and infectious disease as it is considered a public health threat. Still, that data should only be shared with the state, but we’ve all seen how the state handles data and what happens when they want info to slip.

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1 year ago

My door is always open. I like to encourage intruders.

1 year ago

Our Military needs to remove these illegal democratic communist politicians immediately they have committed crimes against Our Constitution as Written that is Treason the whole administration and 90% of congress need removed and prosecuted then the REAL President Trump installed back where he belongs they lied and cheated we all know this, and it was the democratics that caused that problem NOT Conservatives

Russell Mims
1 year ago

When they come to my door they will be in for a rude
Include get the hell off my property!

1 year ago

I don’t want the government in my life…I definitely don’t want them in my home!