Employees Don’t Want To Return To These Businesses

Amusement Parks are having a difficult time getting employees to come back. There really are 3 main issues that are keeping employees from returning, or staying on at amusement parks at this time. Rising inflation with stagnant low paying wages, unemployment benefits, and fears of COVID are the main reasons cited by workers not wanting to return to work.

The rising inflation costs bare a huge burden on those who are the bottom of the totem pole. These low skill, low wage worker have a hard time putting in the time knowing that it’ll take them 2 hours to make up the cost of lunch for a McDonald’s meal. Add in the rising costs of gasoline for transportation to and from work and the constantly rising costs of vehicles and auto insurance, the end result in pocket money is minimal to these workers. They just don’t see the benefits. Many are finding it better to just pursue their education rather than work for minimal benefit to them.

Which leads us to the second issue, that of unemployment. While unemployment is supposed to be less than what they would earn as an employee, which it often is, the difference is now they don’t have the costs of meals away from home, transportation, etc. Many low wage American’s found unemployment was was netting them more at the end of the month as they had much less costs and far more freedom of time and location. Because of this they are trying to stretch unemployment on as long as they can.

Lastly is the fear of COVID. One amusement park worker wrote into Buzzfeed with the following:

Upon his return, Lindenberger said he saw crowds of maskless attendees clustering together and standing in line, shoulder to shoulder. He said the park’s capacity was hardly restricted, and when he brought his concerns to management, he said he was told he could approach guests and instruct them to mask up. He felt the guidance was too little, too late.


Some employees clearly are still scared of COVID, and even with vaccinations these employees are still scared.

Some think higher wages are needed to entice more workers, at the same time, the job consists of pushing a button and telling people to keep in line. Are you ready to increase the cost again on amusement parks so their employees can make $50k a year? That seems to be where we are headed…

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