End Of The Road For McConnell. He’s Out.

Former President Trump has reportedly held conversations with elected Republican Senators about removing Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, according to The Wall Street Journal and other reports. It is believed that Trump wants a Senate Leader in place who is loyal to him in time for the 2022 midterms and the subsequent presidential race in 2024, in which he is expected to run.

However, many aides of lawmakers have suggested that there is little interest, even among Trump loyalists, in finding a Kentucky Republican to run against McConnell. This comes as the highest ranking elected Republican official has said that his party will vote for the US to default on its debts.

If Trump were to be successful in removing the 79 year-old it would inevitably be the end of his long political career which began in 1985 when he was elected as Junior Senator for Kentucky.

The inevitable Trump/McConnell showdown has the potential to cause a rift within the Republican Party, with moderate Republicans who voted to convict the former president at both impeachment trials likely to side with McConnell and other Trump loyalists to continue to side with the former president to push his MAGA agenda.

The news of Trump’s dis-content with McConnell comes after he said that he doesn’t think he has a choice whether or not to run again in 2024 and slammed the Biden Administration’s incompetence over recent events in Afghanistan.

If McConell is removed, we should expect to see a war within the Republican Party which could change the dynamics and makeup of the GOP forever, with Trump claiming full control.

As Trump looks to be priming for a 2024 run, Republicans need to be prepared for the eventuality that the party could split between the establishment RINOs and Trump loyalists who wish to see the former president retake the White House.

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1 year ago

Mitch McConnell and his wife are both financial benefactors of the Chinese Communist Party and the RINOS within the ranks of the GOP are spineless cowards that would shred the Constitution for their personal benefit. When it comes to personal power and control, both parties smell of a DEEP STATE cesspool. President Trump has options and come hell and high water within the ranks, President Trump will and should support a Senator that has proven himself without question , an individual that has integrity, honesty and fidelity and put America first. I’m sure President Trump has a list that would make Justice Scalia proud!.