Experts STUNNED by New Election Data Comin out of Pennsylvania

Last week Steve Bannon, a former White House Chief Strategist, invited Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel on his show to discuss their latest analysis on the 2020 election.

Some may wonder with a result of a difference of 80,555 votes, if there is even a possibility of the claimed Election Fraud. What Seth Keshel and his team have discovered and revealed on Steve Bannon’s show is SHOCKING.

According to Seth, President Trump won Pennsylvania by 6-8% in 2020.

Over the weekend the two experts released a more detailed report on the Pennsylvania 2020 election.

Here are their observations.


Biden – 3.458m (50.0%)

Trump – 3.338m (48.8%)

It’s even worse than I thought. PA was a slam dunk for Trump, with a 244k -12k (21 to 1 ratio) of net new registration in 4 years. Previously predicted Trump flip in 2016.

Fraud in PA is horrific. Only 3 counties I see as relatively clean, with 27 classified with major fraud. 60 of 67 counties should have demonstrated GOP improvement per registration trends, but only 20 trended more GOP. Erie and Northampton were flipped and should have been slam dunks for Trump.

Trump crushed Obama’s ’08 total in a shrinking state, only to be passed on the strength of what I assess to be 504k excess votes!

Trump’s margin, if accurate, should have been 52.0%. to 46.1% (5.9%), or 424k votes. A bludgeoning in keeping with the registration trend.

Anyone who traveled to Pennsylvania before the 2020 election knows these numbers are true.

Captain Keshel’s Observations

Watch the full video of what he had to say here:

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Patriotic Son
Patriotic Son
1 year ago

Time for reparations!!!!

Billy Sullivan
1 year ago

we all know they committed fraud and corrupted the voting system.Now do something instead of talking

1 year ago

Trump is the President Biden and his administration are illegal need to be removed immediately and the real President Trump put back in and then go after the democratic communist party for this illegal Fraud all prosecuted

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
1 year ago