Facebook Oversite Board Decided Today To Permanently Ban Trump

Back on January 7th, 2021 Facebook suspended the account for President Donald Trump. You can read the entire case online on why Facebook originally banned Trump, what issues the oversite board had with it, then their findings post review declaring Facebook was right in their permanent banning of President Trump.

In the end it came down to two posts. Despite the oversite board’s banner of “Ensuring respect for free expression, through independent judgment”, the board goes only by what they want and only what they want.

The Board decided that two posts on January 6th were cause for his permanent banning from social media. They claim the two posts violated Facebook’s rules which prohibit praise or support of people engaged in violence. No matter all the constant praise and encouragement all over Facebook for the BLM and Antifa riots and violence, those don’t count.

So what did Trump do or say to praise and encourage people engaged in violence?

He sent two messages to his followers like any normal President and leader, “We love you. You’re very special” in the first post, and the second called his followers “great patriots” and “remember this day forever”.

In the end it seems the Oversite Board and Social Media, the massive amounts of money in the world did not like someone standing up for the little guy and thus banned him because “orange man bad”.

The official documents on the the oversite committee can be seen here:

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Hollis hafford
Hollis hafford
1 year ago

look at whats on the board why don’t the censor barbra waters the old cow incitting violence all the time but you bunch of liberal fags can’t wait to post her stuff or nacy peolsi the old drunk so just a bunch of ignonrant one sided liberals sucking each other dicks. Face book and should burn in hell a=long with zugarburk keeps his lips formed like he is already to go down ona dik bunch of hypocrits your not fooling anybody except your selves

1 year ago