Famous YouTuber Caught In Pedophile Sting On Camera

Youtuber Chet Goldstein has found fame in setting up sting opperations on pedofiles, sometimes he ensares famous people. He is not backed by the police or any official government entity. He does this all on his own.

This time, he caught another famous Youtuber(EDP445) who has over 2M followers. He posed as a 13yo girl and reached out to the youtuber online. That you tuber sent the fake little girl graphic pictures of his nether regions and they set up a time to meet.

The video linked above is that meeting. At the 10:37 mark in the video, you can see the accusers asking this accused pedophile why he does this. You can watch as he uncomfortably mumbles around giving an answer.

In light of all that has been going on in the world with pedophilia seemingly becoming very mainstream with high profile cases like politicians, Epstein and his island, famous actors and people in film, etc., it is sad that people are going out to try and stop this without any government help. Luckily, because of his work, Goldstein has helped in capturing many predators via his stings and channel.

This particular sting operation started because over the past year Youtuber EDP445 has been exposed multiple times for inappropriately messaging with minors and trying to meet with them in person. Goldstein was asked to see if they could help expose this Youtuber and verify these accusations. And he did just that. EDP445 has since left YouTube and deleted all his videos.

What is this world coming to? Or, has it always been this way and the internet is just making it more prevalent and easy to find?

You can also watch a detailed summary of what happened and breakdown from this YouTube channel here.

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1 year ago

Tell You Tube they won’t be able to censor us much longer! The Lord is on the move and ALL of you are going down!