Fast Food Giant Requires Vaccine To ORDER Food

In a viral video making fast ground across social media, a woman is showing the doubters that Burger King is enforcing vaccine passports to ORDER food.

On one hand, this move is to help increase the health of the population, just not the way Burger King was hoping. In doing this, less people will eat their fast food. In cutting back the fast food, we hope that will make the general public a bit more healthy.

It seems like a plan that is going to backfire hard on the fast food giant.

Which company will follow suit first?

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1 year ago

There’s been talk for years of BK’s slow demise, now they’ll be able to bow out under chapter eleven. Quite the DEMOCRATIC way to do so.

white trash
1 year ago

who needs fast food anyways. cook and eat at home. my mother made better burgers than any one of those places. they need you to keep open and you do not need them

1 year ago

This is so stupid, they might as well shut their doors NOW, pay attention this gov. Is trying to take all rights away from American People, even England is more open than we are that’s scary they admit double the death of vaccinated people than those not vaccinated, so get your eyes open and pay attention investigating these politicians judges governors mayors because we are the ones to stop this evil socialist communist politicians ban anyone not a third generation American citizen able to hold any office, and if not a Godly Moral, Honest person can’t hold any official office

1 year ago

I haven’t eaten any of that garbage in YEARS.
God designed us and He designed food for us.
Eat only what can be found in Nature.
This means NO flour and sugar.
(Wheat berries and sugarcane ARE part of God’s menu).
Weston A. Price discovered many years ago that indigenous peoples around the world had no chronic disease until Westerners gave them flour and sugar.
I’m 67 years old and have ZERO chronic conditions.
I have been eating what’s on God’s menu for years.