FedEx Just Killed The Gun Industry

FedEx is the only company with the ability and licenses to ship and transfer firearms and ammunition to, from, and around Australia. This month they announced they will cease the transportation of firearms, weaponry and ammunition both internationally and domestically.

This effectively kills gun shops and gun owners from having any inventory, including ammunition. This is due to Australia’s TNT Express shipping network being acquired by FedEx. FedEx is being pressured by the Biden administration to choke out the gun industry.

Operation Choke Point is once again active. Since killing off the second amendment is off the table due to being unconstitutional, this administration is trying to subvert the rules by focusing on what they can control, shipping and supply. This is known as a ‘choke point’. They stop businesses and individuals from being able transport or ship merchandise. This effectively chokes the life out of the business as they can’t survive without stock. This same method applies to banking as previously used by the Biden and Obama administrations. They cut businesses and individuals off from the banking systems as a way of control.

In Australia, it is not just individuals being affected. Even the Government relies on contractors for culling programs of roos and feral animals. Something will have to be sorted out soon. Guns and ammo are a necessary supply for many industries that are critical for life, such as the farming and meat industries.

Livestock owners are furious about this as they know that all livestock owners rely heavily on guns to protect their livestock from predators and for putting down sick or injured livestock.

This is a serious issue beyond gun control that will affect the entire country and any country that receives exports from Australia. In short, this effects the entire world and firearm industry.

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1 year ago

The 2nd amendment was NEVER intended to proliferate the spread of weapons/ammo to all citizens of the USA. It was to insure that a ready militia (I.e., the National Guard for each state and the individual services reserve forces) were equipped and ready to support the nation’s full time military as required. Anything else is NOT rational and has only been a very significant factor in the current gun violence that the nation is currently experiencing and has been experiencing for the last several years. Guns in the hands of unofficial personnel (active duty military, NG, mil services reserves, police, federal law enforcement, local law enforcement, and specifically licensed security personnel) is absolutely contributing to shootings and other gun violence in the USA. More gun control is absolutely needed, not later but RIGHT NOW.

Charles N Lendman
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

This is just an attempt to end run the second amendment. You can’t pass laws that effectively prevent owners and dealers from buying and selling weapons by saying they can stay in business but they can’t get any stock for that business. I’m sure the supreme court will hear a case on this fairly soon.

Dan Hughes
Dan Hughes
1 year ago

Yea, commie demokrauts and their commie cronies will not be happy until they destroy not only the USA but the entire world!

1 year ago

The only permit you need to bear arms is one you do not have to buy or carry on your person.

It is called the US Constitution.

Reply to  CharlieSeattle
1 year ago

This dem! Administration is totally brain dead, they are lunatics, how do you get rid of stupid?