Floyd Trial: Girlfriend Testified George Overdosed 2 Months Prior To His Arrest And Death

She was on the stand struggling on to answer a LOT of questions today. Not because she didn’t know the answer, but didn’t know the RIGHT way she was supposed to answer it. Her pet name from George Floyd was “mama”. Which is the same name Floyd was heard calling for while being arrested. Was it that he was calling for her at his critical moment or his birth mother as people were lead to believe till now?

George Floyd’s girlfriend Courteney Ross cried as she testified about their relationship during the trial of Derek Chauvin on April 1, 2021. COURT TV/POOL VIA WCCO

The real sparks started to fly when questions regarding Floyd’s recent history and battles with drugs began. Turns out the “mama” Girlfriend admitted that just 2 months prior to Floyd’s arrest, he was with his drug dealer and overdosed. This is a big revelation as coroners reported that Floyd true cause of death was due to the obscene amount of drugs in his system.

The Floyd narrative is going up in flames like a gas station during a peaceful BLM riot. Other narrative busting scenes from today were times when prosecution spoke with a paramedic at the scene and the paramedic claimed they had to drive three blocks away before they could stop and render aid due to the crowd at the scene. Defense’s opening statement made refences to the hostility of the crowd already. The GF also admitted on the stand that when Floyd OD’d back in March he had the same froth/foam at the mouth just like he did the day he died. Prosecution tried a desperate attempt to redirect the comment, by stating that he didn’t die during that OD.

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