Forget Crypto, Look How Fast These Rates Are Rising

In the craze of defunding the police, anti-Trump riots, and BLM, murder rates have skyrocketed faster than inflation.

Police around the nation have been quitting in droves. Those still in position have severly cut down their activities in light of ending up like Chauvin. Why risk everything, follow the rules to the T, and still go to jail? It’s just not worth it for the police.

Then you have areas like Portland where the allow autonomous zones that are supported by the local governments. Of course crime goes up.

The real question is will this trend ever reverse? If so… how? Surely the answer isn’t defunding the police…

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Cheryl Perryman
Cheryl Perryman
1 year ago

Defunding the Police is a huge mistake! What would a member of congress do if their house was broken into? What would they do if they were beaten or raped? Who are they going to call? Not a Police Officer.

Arthur Dowling
Arthur Dowling
1 year ago

Sure defund the police and the first time you need one and one doesn’t show up you’ll bitch and complain about something that you wanted in the first place.