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Fox News Calls AZ Audit Early, Giving Democrats The Win With The Audit Only 10% Done

Ok ok, the headline is fake. Fox hasn’t commented on the Arizona election audit. In fact, most mainstream medias have not been covering the audit much until recently when the last Judge recused himself and a new Judge was appointed.

Trump on the other hand as well as many conservative networks have been buzzing for weeks about the audit, to see what really happened and verify the results one way or another. Trump even put out a statement today on the 27th regarding the Democrats sending in over 100 Lawyers to try and stop the audit.

For now, we are all waiting for the results of this audit. Will it trigger a domino affect that spreads to other states? Will it find Biden really did win and put an end to the election fraud questions? Will it find concrete evidence of fraud? If so, will people be going to jail?

All we know is this is big news in the making.

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