Georgia Votes To Strip Delta Airlines Of Tax Breaks After Criticizing Voting Law

Delta CEO Calls Georgia voting law ‘unacceptable’

This is the way. This is how to start fighting back. Having Conservatives and Republicans with backbones who aren’t afraid of standing up for themselves and constituents. Delta made wild news yesterday when their CEO publicly denounced the new Georgia bill to make voting easier to vote and harder to cheat.

Unfortunately, this was all just political theater. The House adjourned before taking a final vote and verdict on the case, essentially shelving the vote as good as dead. The backbone we need from our politicians simply isn’t there.

So many issues are raised from this little headline that are heads are swarming with thoughts. Why is Delta and any corporation aiding in the writing of any laws? They were not voted in to do so. Why does the government have the power to grant specific businesses tax breaks like this? It creates unfair business practices which is 100% anti-capitalism. It also puts that business under control of the government now as well. They will do whatever the person in power says in threat of removing all that money from them. It should be illegal.

We need real politicians with real backbones!

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