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Georgia Voting Machines Hacked DURING RUNOFF VOTE!

Hackers were able to successfully infiltrate voting systems in Georgia during the special run off election. This was the testimony given with full proof during the special hearing in Georgia on the security and fraud in the Election on 11/3/2020.

The security team was able to get in and have full access to the voting machines while voting and tabulation occurs. Something that is NOT supposed to occur.

What is the state going to do about it? We will find out. If the past is any indicator, nothing will happen. Hopefully Republicans go ahead and just upload 300 million votes during the election and watch the faces on Democrats as they try and count the votes while still screaming – SAFEST ELECTION EVER! NO FRAUD!

Conspiracy rumors are that Russians successfully infiltrated the 2016 election (Trump V Hillary) by doing this same hack. Only they hacked the system to not allow the fraud to occur. So when the DNC screamed they were hacked, they were unable to offer any proof without accusing themselves of fraud as well.

Once again, that is just a rumor, but one that might have some legs to stand on with all the intel and information coming out about these voting machines.

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1 year ago

I pray to God this is true!!!

1 year ago

Too many investigations and not enough presecutions. Everyone gets away with murder. Especially the 2 senators from GA who we know didn’t get elected, but look what’s it’s done to the SEnate makeup. I even wrote the GA Govenor and complained and I’m from Texas!

Reply to  danh
1 year ago

I agree, Abrams stated publicly that she already had 89 or 90 thousand votes before the election. I knew right then they were ballots made out by her and her cronies and not real voters. Somebody should take that lying bag out behind the proverbial gym.