Get Ready For Next Years Biden Tax

Does it surprise anyone at this point that this administration is authoritarian in its nature despite all its claims? The Biden administration has 138 average executive orders compared to 55 of Donald Trump. The democrats easily accept what their president asks them to. In a similar fashion, they accepted the recent tax proposal by Biden and even pushed for further policies which he did not include.

On the other hand, Republican senators (keeping the US interests in mind, and the interests of US citizens) discussed these tax proposals in length. Republican senators, such as Kevin Brady, tried to get the exact position of the current administration and what their actual goals are. Are they going to take the hard-earned money of people even if they aren’t wealthy?

What the Democrats are pushing for is keeping the cap on the tax. They wish to rob the people even more. But like the equivocal nature of the representatives of this administration, the treasury secretary, Janet Yellen eluded and gave no definite answer, saying that ‘The president has not made a proposal with respect to SALT (Sales and Local tax reduction) tax.’

When she was confronted with the tax policy, she answered that they were not aware of the tax policy of 2025 to which Rep. Brady said, ‘I was respectfully hoping for more direct answers’. In a move to please their president, several democrats brought up the inclusion of taxes which Biden himself did not include. The tax proposal is expected to decrease the after-tax income by 4.5% and this will continue to 6.3% in several years. They wish to put the burden of foreigners and low-income people on those who work hard and who deserve the money they are earning.

In short, if you are working and year after year pay more in taxes rather than receive more in benefits, your taxes are going up. If you receive more from the government than you put into the system, you will most likely be seeing another increase in those benefits thanks to those who are working.

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charles ball
charles ball
1 year ago

better off under King George 6th

Imelda Jones
1 year ago

In my opinion we have a bunch of losers who do not care about the American hard worker. The lazy get the benefits and get lazier. I work for my money and would like all stimulus and unemployment stopped. Our government needs changing in the administration. GET THEM THE HELL OUT. We need a president that is for us not against us, like Biden and his VP Harris.

1 year ago

How much more are they going to take from us before we stand up? I have busted my arse my entire adult life to get educated and better myself. I went after a higher paying job in my area to better support my family. I am paying out, with SSI and health insurance mind you, the better part of $2100 a paycheck for taxes and afore mentioned. My bring home is usually around the $1800 mark. SO just over 50% of my check is going to taxes, healthcare, SSI, etc. At the end of the year, when I file my taxes, I usually OWE an additional $1800 to $2000 in federal. SO……. I’m really getting sick and tired of MY money going to educate illegals when we have AMERICAN children not being able to get a post high school education. I’m sick my MY money going to pay for illegals having children here just so they can stay here….. I sick of MY money being spent to give arseholes who don’t want to work a $600 per week check just to stay home. What if I refuse to pay any more taxes? I go to jail. And them? They get more money. When enough people in the same situation as me has had enough….. hell will follow. I am waiting…….