Guatemala Blasts Biden

Vice President Harris visited with the leaders of Guatemala this week to cover a variety of topics, but the most standout topic was immigration.

Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giamattei blamed Biden for America’s border crisis, and for good reason. He even had proof. Additionally he had a zoom call with Harris May 7th and told her how to fix the system because “It’s a joke” in his eyes.

President Alejandro said the border crisis is happening because Biden announced they were going to reunite families and reunite children. As soon as that message from Biden was out, coyotes who are paid to smuggle people across borders began organizing group after group of kids to take them to America.

In the May 7th zoom call regarding the border crisis in America, President Alejandro Giamattei told Harris to make it a federal crime to act as a coyote. In Guatemala, the federal punishment for coyotes is typically 5-6 years. In the US, the are generally just released back to their home countries or free to go under the Biden admission.

Is the president of Guatemala right? Would imposing serious prison time for those acting as coyotes fix the border crisis?

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1 year ago

This Biden administration has not been able to take massive illegal entries to the USA seriously and why would they ??? Anyone, especially the coyotes bringing in illegals to America should not be released, they should be charged with enhanced felonies and sent to Guantanamo prison as well as those in government who are allowing this dangerous invasion to continue. We are a sovereign country and real Americans expect it to be same. No to illegal immigration.